Pedagogical Philosophy

The Executive Counselling and Training Academy (ECTA) subscribes to a pedagogical philosophy that is based on an integrative learning environment which leverages multiple teaching and learning methods.

It is also our belief that each adult learner brings with him or her a wealth of knowledge gleaned from life’s experiences and prior learning. This knowledge interacts with new information and is revived, refreshed and enhanced, creating new knowledge in the process. ECTA seeks to continually attune its teaching to nourish, energise and engage the adult learner.

ECTA is committed to upholding diversity in a globally aware learning environment. We value human diversity. We honour, respect and celebrate it. We encourage every ECTA student to strive towards developing a sense of multiculturalism even as he continually adapts to changes, assesses and questions his hypotheses and creates and applies his new learning.

Our graduates will be geared up and poised to provide healing through professional counselling to the community, locally and globally.