Prospective Students

Academic Life at ECTA

“The four adjectives to describe ECTA are:Excellent, Comprehensive, Transformative, Authentic.”
– Ms Josephine Wong, Valedictorian, 2006 Convocation Ceremony

ECTA aims to provide a nourishing learning space. A healthy academic life involves expanding cognitive intellect, training experience and personal growth. Students are encouraged to develop theoretical frameworks from a wide range of psychological approaches. Each student learns through life practice and guidance from an experienced Clinical Supervisor. At the same time, personal therapy is a part of the curriculum. This encourages personal healing and growth as well as allows students to experience what it is like to be a client.

Caring Admin & Teaching Staff

“The students are from different walks of life and as a staff I am ableto bond with them easily over a common interest and passion.”
– Meow Cheng, Former Staff & Alumni

As a student at ECTA you will be supported by caring administrative and teaching staff. You will have many opportunities to interact and learn from a top team of lecturers who are established psychiatrists, experienced psychologists, competent psychotherapists and counsellors who will provide you with insights into practical client issues and concerns.

Knowledge, Competency, Professionalism

We emphasize three key areas – Knowledge, Competency and Professionalism. Beyond knowledge and counselling skills, we strive to support students uphold moral and ethical conduct, by prioritising Clients’ welfare above all.

Clinical Supervision

Clinical supervision is an integral part of all our courses. Clinical supervision is a learning process where a more experienced Counsellor offers mentorship, coaching and guidance to Intern Counsellors. This allows Interns to be supported as they encounter clinical choice points and challenging cases.