Leave of Absence


Students who opt to apply for Leave of Absence should take into consideration the following policies which may influence the payable fees and completion requirements when they return to the course.


1. Swinburne University of Technology Policy on Unit Re-enrolment Upon Return from LOA

1.1 According to Swinburne University of Technology’s policies, the completion of a Unit entails (1) fulfilment of the minimum attendance criteria and (2) attainment of at least a Pass grade for all assessments for that particular Unit.

1.2 A Unit that is partially completed (eg, all lectures attended but only some assessments submitted) at the time of application of Leave of Absence will be considered not completed by Swinburne University of Technology; hence, a “FAIL” grade for that Unit will be recorded by Swinburne University of Technology. Upon the student’s return from Leave of Absence, he/she must be enrolled again into that Unit in full, and commence from the beginning of that Unit, including (re)attending lectures to meet the minimum attendance criteria, and (re)submitting all assessments.


2. ECTA Policy on Course Fee Payment for Unit Re-enrolment Upon Return from LOA

2.1 Students who are required to enrol again into a “not completed” Unit upon their return from Leave of Absence will be required to pay the course fees for that Unit in full (at the prevailing rate, and including other relevant fee components such as Administrative Fee, etc.). Fees that were paid during their prior course of study (from which they had taken Leave of Absence) cannot be applied to their subsequent course of study upon their return.

2.2a Refunds of unconsumed course fees at the point of applying for Leave of Absence will be based on the following terms and conditions:

  1. Student Contract Refund Table (Schedule D); and
  2. If a student had not yet begun the Unit (ie. begun to attend lectures) for which course fees had been paid based on the instalment schedule.

2.2b Refunds of course fees are not possible if the above terms and conditions are not met.

Students who are considering applying for Leave of Absence are therefore strongly encouraged to complete (meeting of minimum attendance criteria, and attainment of a minimum Pass grade for all assessments in that Unit) as many Units as possible before applying for Leave of Absence.