Academic Programmes

  • Accredited and awarded by Flinders University, Adelaide, Australia
  • Organised by the Executive Counselling and Training Academy in academic partnership with Mount Elizabeth Hospital and Parkway College of Nursing and Allied Health
  • The Graduate Diploma in Counselling is recognised by the Australian Counselling Association (ACA).
  • The Master of Counselling offered by Flinders University in Singapore  in partnership with ECTA, is equivalent to the Master of Counselling offered at the Adelaide, Australia campus of Flinders University.

Graduate Diploma in Counselling

The Graduate Diploma in Counselling is a six-month course at ECTA Singapore. It is the second stage of a 24-month “nested suite” course that  includes Stage 1: Graduate Certificate in Counselling, and Stage 3: Master of Counselling. 

Total Units: 18

Course Structure


MHSC8040 Approaches to Counselling Theories4.5

MHSC9034 Advanced Counselling Competencies and Group Processes4.5

MHSC8041 Psychological Disorders and Counselling Support4.5

MHSC8042 Research Methods in Counselling4.5

Awarded with a Graduate Diploma in Counselling 18 Units

Course Aims

The Graduate Diploma in Counselling is designed to develop counselling competencies and provide training for professionals who seek to incorporate advanced counselling skills in their primary occupational role. The aim is to equip our Trainee Counsellors with the knowledge, skills and dispositions to establish and maintain an effective alliance with their Clients in order to assist them to work through issues and concerns towards making an effective change.

The course will introduce our Trainee Counsellors to the major theoretical principles and develop in them an understanding on how various interventions can be applied in counselling settings. Trainee Counsellors  will also learn to competently apply research methodology in a multi-cultural setting. The course is intended to prepare Trainee Counsellors for professional practice as a counsellor in a range of human service organisations.

Course Objectives

On completion of the course, you will be able to:

  1. Deliver evidence-based counselling interventions that are person-centric to a range of people with mental and physical health conditions across the lifespan
  2. Integrate collaborative and reflective clinical practice, using evidence-based skills effectively, legally and ethically to ensure quality care, safety and outcomes
  3. Demonstrate competencies in assessment, case formulation and care planning, implementation and evaluation for people presenting with a range of mental and physical health conditions
  4. Engage in a range of professional practice processes that support practitioner development, awareness and growth


The Graduate Diploma in Counselling is a six-month course. It is the second stage of a 24-month “nested suite” course that includes Stage 1: Graduate Certificate in Counselling, and Stage 3: Master of Counselling. Lectures are held usually on one weekday evening per week and on some Saturdays for the full day.

Duration: Part-time, 6 months


Lectures: 179
Clinical Practice: 95
Case Management: 30
Group Supervision: 9
Individual Supervision: 6
Counselling Direct Contact Hours: 30
Professional Development Learning (PDL): 16
Clinical Facilities Visit: 4
Personal Journal: 46

Entry Requirements

Applicants must normally hold a degree or equivalent qualification from an approved tertiary institution, or a Graduate Certificate in Counselling.

This programme is an extension of the Graduate Certificate in Counselling accredited and awarded by the Flinders University.

Applicants may be accepted directly into the Graduate Diploma in Counselling programme if they have completed counselling-related programmes from a recognised university or institution. Credit exemptions, where applicable, may be granted up to a maximum of 50% of the nested suite of courses.

Direct entry applicants will be assessed on a case-by-case basis, subject to the decision of the Clinical and Academic Director of ECTA and approved by Flinders University.

The following requirements apply:

Applicants are required to possess at least 5 GCE “O” Level Passes, including a credit for English Language. Applicants without a credit in English can provide evidence of having attended the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) and attain an overall band score of at least 6.5 points. Alternatively, applicants may also show evidence of their academic qualifications conducted in the English Language (e.g., qualifications from other countries). A Certificate in Advanced English (CAE) Pass grade of B2.

Applicants must be a Singapore Citizen, a Singapore Permanent Resident, or a holder of a valid Work Permit, or a valid Dependent Pass.


  • A Bachelor Degree (may not be counselling-related); OR
  • A Diploma (or its equivalent); OR
  • A Certificate (or its equivalent)


Applicants will be assessed for suitability through:

  1. an interview via ZOOM or face-to-face;
  2. submission of a 200-word statement explaining why they have chosen to pursue a counselling programme, and what they intend to do with the qualifications attained; and
  3. provision of one character reference where the referee is unrelated to the applicant at a personal level, for example, a family member of and relative, and who has a good knowledge of the applicant’s quality of work and suitability for the counselling programme (click here for a sample character reference letter)

Selection is based on the interview and applicants’ aptitude for the programme as determined by applicants’ suitability, academic qualifications, and work experience.

Lecturer : Students-Ratio

Course Title: Graduate Diploma in Counselling 1 lecturer : 40 – 48 students
Group Supervision 1 supervisor : 15 students
Individual Supervision 1 supervisor : 1 student

Course Fees

Please refer to the Fee Payment Structure for more information.

Course Assessments

Details and requirements of course assessments may be found in the Student Learner Guide which will be distributed to Trainee Counsellors on the day of course orientation. Members of the public may access the required information by calling or e-mailing ECTA.

Course assessments required for the Units are as follows:

MHSC8040 Approaches to Counselling Theories (4.5 Units)
1 Essay, 1 Online Assessment and 1 Written Examination required for this unit.

MHSC8042 Research Methods in Counselling (4.5 Units)
1 Major Group Research Project and 1 Individual Essay required for this unit.

MHSC8041 Psychological Disorders and Counselling Support (4.5 Units)
1 Essay and 1 Case Study required for this unit.

MHSC9034 Advanced Counselling Competencies and Group Processes (4.5 Units)
Practicum log of counselling hours and clinical supervisor’s final report.

Graduating Criteria

The graduating criteria are available in the Student Learner Guide which will be distributed to Trainee Counsellors on the day of the Course Orientation. Members of the public may access the required information by calling or e-mailing ECTA.

Upon successful completion of the course of study and meeting the graduation criteria stipulated by Flinders University and ECTA, students will be awarded the Graduate Diploma in Counselling. Below is a sample certificate.

Sample Testamur - Flinders - Grad dip in Counselling

Teaching Methodology

Trainee Counsellors will develop and enhance their counselling skills through an integrated approach based on lectures, role-plays, video-clip viewing, small group discussions and clinical supervision.


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