Lecturer : Students Ratio

Course TitlesLecturer:Students
Graduate Certificate of Counselling1:40 – 48
Graduate Diploma of Counselling1:40 – 48
Master of Counselling (Advanced)1:40 – 48
Graduate Certificate in Clinical Supervision1:30
Graduate Diploma in Clinical Supervision1:30
Graduate Certificate in Specialist Forensic Assessment and Risk Management1:48
Certificate in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
– Advanced Training in Cognitive Behavioural Interventions
Certificate in Family Therapy
– Advanced Training in Family Therapy Interventions


Our optimum lecturer-student ratio1 lecturer:40-48 students
Our optimum group supervision ratio1 supervisor:12-15 students
Our optimum group micro-skills practice ratio                                          1 supervisor:12-15 students
Our Individual Supervision ratio1 supervisor:1 student