Course Assessments

Course Assessments

The course assessments are available in the Course Guidebook which will be given on the day of the Course Orientation and Administration of Pre-Course Counselling Session. Members of the public can have access to the information by calling or e-mailing ECTA.

PSC80010 / Advanced Counselling Theories (25.0 Credit Points)
2 Essays and 1 online Assessment are required for this unit

PSC80011 / Professional Practice and Counselling Settings (25.0 Credit Points)
1 Essay and 2 Case Studies required for this unit

PSC80004 / Advanced Counselling Placement (25.0 Credit Points)
Practicum log of counselling hours and clinical supervisor’s final report required

PSC80012 / Advanced Training in Cognitive Behavioural Interventions (25.0 Credit Points)
2 CBT Assignments required for this unit


PSC80005 / Advanced Training in Family Therapy Interventions (25.0 Credit Points)
2 FT Assignments required for this unit