MS31 Course Schedule


15-Aug-20Wed7.00pm to 10.00pmCOURSE ORIENTATION ECTA
(Attendance is Compulsory)
220-Aug-20Thu7.00pm to 9.00pmAdministration of Pre-Course Counselling ProcessECTA
39-Sep-20Wed7.00pm to 10.00pmCase Formulation / ConceptualisationECTA
416-Sep-20Wed7.00pm to 10.00pmCase Formulation / ConceptualisationECTA
525-Sep-20Fri7.00pm to 10.00pmPsychodynamic PsychotherapyECTA
626-Sep-20Sat9.00am to 5.00pmPsychodynamic PsychotherapyECTA
79-Oct-20Fri7.00pm to 10.00pmPsychodynamic PsychotherapyECTA
810-Oct-20Sat9.00am to 5.00pmPsychodynamic PsychotherapyECTA
917-Oct-20Sat9.00am to 5.30pmRedecision PsychotherapyECTA
1024-Oct-20Sat9.00am to 5.30pmRedecision PsychotherapyECTA
1131-Oct-20Sat9.00am to 5.30pmRedecision PsychotherapyECTA
129-Nov-20Mon7.00pm to 10.00pmRedecision Psychotherapy Live DemoECTA
1319-Nov-20Thu1.00pm to 7.00pmCBT (BLOCK 1)ECTA
1420-Nov-20Fri9.00am to 6.00pmCBT (BLOCK 1)ECTA
1521-Nov-20Sat9.00am to 6.00pmCBT (BLOCK 1)ECTA
1619-Nov-20Thu1.00pm to 7.00pmFT (BLOCK 1)ECTA
1720-Nov-20Fri9.00am to 6.00pmFT (BLOCK 1)ECTA
1821-Nov-20Sat9.00am to 6.00pmFT (BLOCK 1)ECTA
193-Dec-20Thu7.00pm to 10.00pmNarrative Therapy ECTA
2010-Dec-20Thu7.00pm to 10.00pmNarrative Therapy ECTA
2112-Dec-20Sat9.00am to 5.00pmKnow the Law as a CounsellorECTA
2219-Dec-20Sat9.00am to 4.00pmAddiction CounsellingECTA
237-Jan-21Thu7.00pm to 10.00pmReality TherapyECTA
248-Jan-21Fri9.00am to 6.00pmReality TherapyECTA
259-Jan-21Sat9.00am to 6.00pmReality TherapyECTA
2614-Jan-21Thu7.00pm to 10.00pmBoundary Issues in Counselling PracticeECTA
2721-Jan-21Thu7.00pm to 10.00pmBoundary Issues in Counselling PracticeECTA
2827-Jan-21Wed5.45pm to 9.45pmPost-Traumatic Stress DisorderECTA
2928-Jan-21Thu1.00pm to 7.00pmCBT (BLOCK 2)ECTA
3029-Jan-21Fri9.00am to 6.00pmCBT (BLOCK 2)ECTA
3130-Jan-21Sat9.00am to 6.00pmCBT (BLOCK 2)ECTA
3228-Jan-21Thu1.00pm to 7.00pmFT (BLOCK 2)ECTA
3329-Jan-21Fri9.00am to 6.00pmFT (BLOCK 2)ECTA
3430-Jan-21Sat9.00am to 6.00pmFT (BLOCK 2)ECTA
3517-Feb-21Wed7.00pm to 10.00pmCounselling the DisabledECTA
3625-Feb-21Thu1.00pm to 7.00pmCBT (BLOCK 3)ECTA
3726-Feb-21Fri9.00am to 6.00pmCBT (BLOCK 3)ECTA
3827-Feb-21Sat9.00am to 6.00pmCBT (BLOCK 3)ECTA
3925-Feb-21Thu1.00pm to 7.00pmFT (BLOCK 3)ECTA
4026-Feb-21Fri9.00am to 6.00pmFT (BLOCK 3)ECTA
4127-Feb-21Sat9.00am to 6.00pmFT (BLOCK 3)ECTA
426-Mar-21Sat9.00am to 5.00pmCBT Live DemonstrationECTA
436-Mar-21Sat9.00am to 5.00pmFT Live DemonstrationECTA
4413-Mar-21Sat9.00am to 1.00pmGrief & BereavementECTA
4513-Mar-21Sat2.00pm to 5.00pmComplicated/Pathological GriefECTA
4618-Mar-21Thu7.00pm to 10.00pmCommon Mental Health Problems in Children & Adolescents 
4727-Mar-21Sat1.00pm to 4.00pm(i)  Basic PsychopathologyECTA
4.00pm to 7.00pm(ii) Classifications of Mental Disorders
4810-Apr-21Sat9.00am to 5.00pmTelephone Counselling 
4917-Apr-21Sat9.00am to 5.00pmTelephone Counselling 
5029-Apr-21Thu7.00pm to 10.00pmAdvanced Counselling Interventions: Crisis InterventionECTA
518-May-21Sat9.00am to 5.00pmAdvanced Counselling Interventions: Crisis InterventionECTA
5212-May-21Wed7.00pm to 10.00pmOverview of A Family Service CentreECTA
5322-May-21Sat2.00pm to 6.00pmIntegrating Psychodynamic, Redecision Psychotherapies in Schema Therapy from a Medical PerspectiveECTA
542-Jun-21Wed7.00pm to 10.00pmAdvanced Counselling Interventions: Marital and Family ECTA
5512-Jun-21Sat9.00am to 1.00pmAdvanced Counselling InterventionsECTA
5616-Jun-21Wed7.00pm to 10.00pmAdvanced Counselling Interventions: Domestic ViolenceECTA
5724-Jun-21Thu7.00pm to 10.00pmAdvanced Counselling Interventions, Group Supervision / DynamicsECTA
 (Group A)
583-Jul-21Sat9.00am to 5.00pmAdvanced Counselling Interventions, Group Supervision / DynamicsECTA
 (Group A)
598-Jul-21Thu7.00pm to 10.00pmAdvanced Counselling Interventions, Group Supervision / DynamicsECTA
 (Group A) 
6015-Jul-21Thu7.00pm to 10.00pmAdvanced Counselling Interventions, Group Supervision / DynamicsECTA
(Group B)
6124-Jul-21Sat9.00am to 5.00pmAdvanced Counselling Interventions, Group Supervision / DynamicsECTA
 (Group B)
6229-Jul-21Thu7.00pm to 10.00pm Advanced Counselling Interventions, Group Supervision / DynamicsECTA
 (Group B) 
6426-Aug-21Thu7.00pm to 10.00pmCOURSE REVIEWECTA
(Attendance is Compulsory, Collection of Documents & Access Card Deposit) 
65TBA12.30pm to 3.30pmGraduation Ceremony (Attendance is Encouraged)TBA
(Regalia and Tea Buffet will be sponsored by ECTA)  

[The schedule is correct as of the date of publishing and can be subjected to changes due to unforeseen circumstances].

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