Course Assessments

Course Assessments

The course assessments are available in the Course Guidebook which will be given on the day of course orientation session. Members of the public can have access to the information by calling or e-mailing ECTA.

PSC70015 / Specific Approaches to Counselling (12.5 Credit Points)
1 Essay, 1 Online Assessment and 1 Written Examination required for this unit

PSC70009 / Counselling Research and Processes (12.5 Credit Points)
1 Major Group Research Project and 1 Individual Essay required for this unit

PSC70002 / Assessment and Treatment of Psychological Disorder (12.5 Credit Points)
1 Essay and 1 Case Study required for this unit

PSC70017 / Advanced Interventions in Counselling and Group Practices (12.5 Credit Points)
Practicum log of counselling hours and clinical supervisor’s final report required for this unit